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As a collaborative team, Requiem Builders works to design and create statement dwellings that transcend an era; intentionally crafted for unique yet timeless beauty.

Johnathan Fernandez, Owner Operator

Alison Wilson, Designer

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Influenced as a child by his grandfather - who built a house on the shores of Mexico - John has always had a fascination with the creation of spaces.


Starting at just sixteen years old, he worked under a family construction business, remodeling and building homes across Los Angeles. With over 15 years in the industry and a degree in urban planning, John has a rich understanding of his craft.

After the completion of more than 90 projects over the last 6 years, John created the foundation in 2018 for what is now Requiem Builders & Design.

Alison understands that design is an outward reflection of what is within. That’s why it’s with no surprise that she is a designer of spaces both interior and exterior.


Though her first love and degree is Interior Design, earned from the renowned FIDM in Los Angeles, she has cultivated a diverse portfolio in landscapes, using her second love of flora as a medium throughout. With clients ranging across the United States, from Fairmont Hotels to Google to New York Real Estate, Alison’s work is a testament to her innovation and passion for creating energetic spaces, relevant yet timeless.


Having branched out to form a partnership with John after multiple intersections on previously completed jobs, Alison is an integral powerhouse and part of Requiem Builders.



"Johnathan has been a TRUE PARTNER  on our project. He has gone ABOVE and  BEYOND  time and time again so that every fixture, detail and decision throughout the construction process was PERFECT - and now that our home is completed it shows. "We cannot recommend him highly enough."

—  Evan Astrowsky

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